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Inspections of railway vehicles

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Inspections carried out by the employees of the Office of Rail Transport as part of market supervision, to which the employees of the Office are authorized by law, may concern a very wide area of the Entity's activity. One of the types of inspections carried out by UTK is inspection on the vehicle railway in terms of verification of its required equipment and all authorizations and documents related to the train driver. 

We all have awareness that lack of fulfilment requirements of the law detected during the inspection by UTK, may have severe consequences for railway undertakings. We also assume that inspections and audits are carried out internally have a huge advantage over supervisory activities carried out by external authorities - they are tailored to organizational activities and allow making pre-emptive action.

Therefore, in addition to the classic audits and systemic checks that we offer, we offer you a solution consisting in the verification of selected trains in Poland at any time, place, etc. The scope of this type of internal control will be convergent with the scope of inspections carried out by the Office of Rail Transport, with the difference that the protocol and conclusions will remain at the sole disposal of the railway undertaking, and any irregularities will be able to be removed independently and in advance - without involving the National Safety Authority and exposing to legal consequences.

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