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Thank you very much for your participation in the 2nd National Symposium on Safety and Engineering of Railway Transport. The event was attended by over 70 people representing almost all areas of the railway market. 

Special thanks go to the speakers who presented the current challenges faced by entities operating in the field of rail transport with interesting, up-to-date and substantive presentations. 

The event was inaugurated by the speeches of the President of the Office of Rail Transport, Mr. Ignacy Góra, and the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the State Commission for the Investigation of Railway Accidents, Mr. Tadeusz Rys and Mr. Karol Trzoński. 

These lectures presented the most important current initiatives and activities of these two bodies, which were an excellent opening of the next days of lectures and speeches. 

We would also like to thank Mr. Piotr Cukierski, who, on behalf of the European Union Agency for Railways, talked about ERA's expectations in terms of applying for Uniform Safety Certificates, and also shared with the participants his observations on good practices in this area, positively assessed by European authorities.

In addition to the above speeches, at the Symposium we also had the opportunity to discuss topics directly related to engineering in rail transport and return to topics related to safety and certification (including very interesting speeches by representatives of the Office of Rail Transport). 

In a special way, we would also like to thank the Partner of the event, the certification body and the laboratory -Signal Cert, whose representatives during the lectures presented their areas of specialization and presented difficult issues related to conformity assessment, certification and admission of components and subsystems in rail transport to operation. 

We hope that the speeches of the speakers, presentations and numerous substantive discussions conducted during the Symposium, as well as the organization of the event itself, met with your appreciation, and that you consider the time devoted to participating in the conference valuable.

We are already counting on your participation in the 3rd Symposium, which will take place in October 2023. We hope that this event will become a permanent fixture in the calendars of all people involved in rail transport who are interested in topics related to safety and broadly understood engineering of this branch of transport.

See you next year! 

Under this link, you will find all the presentations that were presented during the Symposium. 

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