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Image by Stefano Ciociola

Bringing railway closer to  the youngest

Railway safety education is important from an early age. Proof of this can be, among others, programs such as Railway ABC run by the President of the Office of Rail Transport, which is very popular and brings tangible results.

Rail transport will develop at an unflagging pace in the future, e.g. due to its environmental friendliness and low external costs. That is why it is so important to familiarize with this branch of transport from an early age. This will bring real results in the form of an improvement in the overall level of security,increase number of passengers using rail transport, or will help bridge the generation gap related to the lack of employees in railway positions. 

We offer the possibility of conducting attractive activities for the youngest, promoting the development of this branch of transport and raising awareness of future children in dependent users of the transport system, how to act to ensure your own and other people's safety benefiting from transport. 

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