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Railway Transport INSTITUTE

The Railway Transport Institute is an entity whose statutory activity is to provide services in the field of rail transport development in Poland. The implementation of the Institute's goals is carried out through cooperation with the rail transport market, consulting and training, as well as cooperation with research units and scientific institutions. The Institute is also a platform for the exchange of experience and a link between market entities and legislative and supervisory authorities.

Usługi dla Rynku

Single Safety Certificate

Construction Safety Management System meeting the requirements of the 4th Railway Package

Entity in Charge of Maintenance (ECM)

Development and implementation of the Maintenance Management System (MMS) - in the field of freight, passenger and traction vehicles

Railway sidings

Full service of the railway siding from the formal side and carrying out the process obtaining Safety Certificates

Supervision over changes in the law

Supervision service over changes in the applicable railway legislation along with information on the impact of changes on your business

Rail vehicle inspection 

(in the field)

Verifying the technical condition and equipment required by law "on the ground"

Safety Culture Improvement Strategy

Strategy development service tailored to the actual needs of the carrier and manager, in accordance with EC Regulation 2018/762

Outsourcing of SMS and MMS

We offer the possibility of complete outsourcing of tasks in the area of SMS and MMS or comprehensive assistance in running the System by your Proxy


Assessment of the significance of the change

We offer assistance in carrying out the process of assessing the impact of the change on safety and its significance in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) 402/2013

Monitoring in accordance with 1078/2012

Development of strategies, priorities, plans and monitoring indicators that meet the requirements of Commission Regulation (EU) 1078/2012

SMS training

The criteria of the EC Regulation 2018/762 and the rules for building and operating an SMS in accordance with the 4th railway package

The criteria of the EC Regulation 2019/779 and the rules for the construction and operation of MMS by the ECM, including traction and passenger vehicles

MMS training

Auditing principles training

The rules for conducting independent and reliable internal audits as part of SMS, MMS, ISO or IRIS


Risk assessment training

The training will present the rules implementation the most important SMS and MMS process - risk management


The rules of proper operation of the railway commission, documentation created after the event and the rules of cooperation with the Office of Rail Transport

Training for railway commissions

Training on assessing the significance of change

The method of assessing the impact of the change on safety and its significance in accordance with EC Regulation 402/2013

Each completed training ends with the issuance of certificates for the Participants


Mechanical and material tests for railways, analyses using MES software

Development of expert opinions and analyzes in the fieldsafety i techniques in rail transport


Opinions on innovation

Development of an opinion on innovation for the technical or technological solution proposed or implemented by you


Lectures and workshops for students

Based on our didactic experience, we conduct classes for students, providing them with the knowledge necessary to confidently enter the labor market

Lessons and activities for Trade Schools

We conduct classes and lessons for trade schools that enable the presentation of real expectations of employers on the railway market

Activities for the youngest

We educate in the field of safety and ignite love for railways among the youngest

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