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Working area

The Railway Transport Institute is a unit whose activity statutory is to provide services in the field of development of rail transport. 

The implementation of the Institute's goals is carried out through cooperation with rail  transportation companies, consulting and training, as well as cooperation with research units  and scientific institutions. 

The Institute is also a platform for the exchange of experience and a link between market entities and legislative and supervisory authorities.


People are the highest value of the Institute. 

The main assumption of the Institute's operation is to provide railway entities cooperation with a professional unit in the structures of which there are competent and experienced specialists responsible for work and the projects they implement. 

The employees and collaborators of the Institute are exclusively specialists who are recognized experts in their fields on the market, and their competences have been verified by a number of successfully completed projects.

We assume that it is  implemented projects and orders made by us testify to the quality of the services offered, which is why it is so important for us that we can proudly sign any documentation, manual or training we develop.

Our values



Understanding needs customer.

Adjusting solutions to real expectations i needs.

Social Responsibility.


The Railway Transport Institute unite people with extensive market and scientific experience. Dozens of completed projects, hundreds of trainings, often pioneering tasks in the field of transport. The acquired knowledge allows you to undertake  even the most complex tasks. 


We are open to cooperation with railway market entities and supporting institutions.

For details and conditions cooperation please contact our office.

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