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Supervision over changes in the applicable law

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Everyone being in the railway environment knows perfectly well that the law in the field of railways changes with high frequency. These changes are made both at the EU and national level. We also know how unpleasant can be the consequences of paying too little attention to the changing requirements of the law, and adapting business (and its SMS and MMS systems) to the new requirements. 

Currently, dynamic changes in the law on the railway market are often passed on by "word of mouth", thanks to friends and rumours that circulate on the market. 

In our opinion, such a way of supervising the changing law is not acceptable

That's why we offer to you a service of supervision over changes in the law that will relieve your company in the implementation of this arduous process. We will provide you with reports summarizing changes in EU and Polish law at specified periods, together with an assessment of their impact on your business and your Safety Management Systems (SMS) and Maintenance Management Systems (MMS). Should you wish to extend this cooperation, we are able to adapt your systems, manuals and more on an ongoing basis documents so that they are as current as possible at any time and meet all legal requirements. 

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