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Audits, controls, management reviews


In accordance with the requirements of the regulationsCommission (EU) Nos 762/2018 and 779/219 Safety Management Systems (SMS) and Maintenance Management Systems (MMS) must be subject to a continuous process of monitoring and supervision.Most often this requirement is implemented through periodic audits, inspections and management reviews. 

We know that audit and control activities, performed even by the best specialist, will never be deprivedaspects subjectivism assessments, when performing theminside enterpriseswhere we work. Supervising colleagues from work is a very difficult task and, as a rule, the results may not be completely objective. In the case of small enterprises, ensuring the independence of the audit process required by law is sometimes impossible due to too small an organizational structure. 

The only solution to these types of problems is the performance of the action by an external entity (people) whoseindependence i objectivity is guaranteed due to the lack of links with the audited and controlled organizational units of a given Company. 

We offer you the opportunityconduct external,independent SMS/MMS audit, control or management review required by law. Such activities will result in a report, the conclusions of which will be able to show possible weaknesses and measuresneed to remedy the problems. We assume that every control and audit, even the worst one, is an added value as long as its results remain an internal matter of the company and the identified problems can be removedindependently, without the assistance of supervisory authorities. 

Under specialconsideration we subject the possibility of carrying out a "checking" inspection before the scheduled inspection of the Office of Rail Transport, which may "inthe last one moment" to show places that need improvement and improvement. 

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