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Image by Stefano Ciociola

Internal regulations


Each railway undertaking, infrastructure manager and railway siding user is obliged to develop and implement internal regulations, commonly referred to as instructions, which describe in detail the manner of performing individual activities (e.g. maintenance of wheelsets,occurrences zdarzenia railway or the rules for conducting maneuvering works). Unfortunately, often these instructions, based on the former PKP regulations, are not adequate to the activity currently conducted by a given entity.

Therefore, we offer the service of developing all required internal regulations from scratch, adapting them to the actual processes implemented in the Company, or updating them in connection with changing requirements. We adhere to the principle that instructions should help in running a business (write as you do, do as you wrote) but do not impose additional, unnecessary and difficult to meet requirements thatomission may be considered an irregularity during the supervision processimplemented by the Office of Rail Transport. 

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