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Image by Stefano Ciociola

Monitoring according to 1078/2012


Commission Regulation (EU) No 1078/2012 of 16 November 2012 on a common safety method for monitoring to be used by railway undertakings and infrastructure managers after obtaining a safety certificate or safety authorization and by entities in charge of maintenance introduced the obligation to develop the implemented management systems (SMS and MMS) with additional processes related to monitoring. 

This means that entities that have these systems are required to create specific documents describing how to do so of the implemented management system, the monitoring process is carried out. In particular, this requires Elaboration strategy, Plans, Priorities and Monitoring Indicators. These documents are to describe how the monitoring is carried out, which areas in a given company are considered critical in the monitoring process and what indicators are periodically determined to assess the correctness of this process. 

Based on the experience of our employees in the field of creating this type of documents, we offer you assistance in their development, adaptation to the specific scope of your activity and implementation for use. We are aware that proposing books, "universal" indicators for each Entity may be a quick and simple path, but in general it causes more harm than good - the developed Plans and Indicators must be accounted for and their development in isolation from the real needs of the Enterprise may bring very negative consequences in the long term.

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