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Image by Stefano Ciociola

SMS and MMS Outsourcing


We are aware that running a Safety Management System (SMS) or a Maintenance Management System (MMS) may seem a complicated process due to the multitude of EU and national laws in this regard and supervision by the President of the Office of Rail Transport. Therefore, we offer comprehensive assistance in maintaining these systems, creating the necessary documentation related to them and implementing processes organization of management reviews, annual safety reports, etc.).

Of course, it is not possible to run the system only in "paper" form, therefore, when fulfilling such a commitment, we assume full cooperation with the Company and the need to engage individual organizational units into specific processes. 

If SMS or MMS works properly, we offer also possibility of assistance and advice in the area of selected processes and activities that may be more time-consuming, require more work or expertise,external knowledge. We assume that the system is to help ensure security, while not limiting it in any way main the purpose of the business. 

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