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Image by Stefano Ciociola

Plans and simulations of crisis situations

Sytuacje kryzysowe.png

Each railway undertaking and infrastructure manager conducting railway activity in the territory of the European Union, in accordance with applicable law, is obliged to develop a list of situations which it considers to be crisis situations in its operations, and plans to deal with each of them.

In addition, these plans must be periodically tested and simulated with other stakeholders and services. Reports from the simulations in question and the conclusions drawn from them are subject to inspection by the Office of Rail Transport.

We offer you the opportunity to help both at the stage of creating emergency plans and in the process of testing them. 

Based on the experience of our employees, we can simulate the selected action plan with the participation of other interested parties (including services) and develop test report along with proposing conclusions, the implementation of which may have a real impact on improving safety. 

In the railway companies in which we have worked so far, we have carried out this type of simulations, and the actions introduced on the basis of studies on their course,allowed for a real improvement in safety and avoidance of serious railway accidents.

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