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Image by Stefano Ciociola

Support in cooperation with UTK


Office of Rail Transport despite its openness and pro-market attitude is legally obliged to act on the basis of the Code of Administrative Procedure and internal procedures regarding the deadlines and content of documents created and maintained in control processes, issuing specified approvals etc. 

The market entity must adjust to these requirements, wanting to successfully complete the processes carried out in cooperation with the Office. 

We are aware that finding the Entities in this time and procedural regime may cause great concern, especially taking into account the risk of non-compliance with the requirements and exposure to possible consequences. 

As employees of the Institute na up to date we cooperate with the Office and we know perfectly well that applications and documents submitted in good formal and substantive quality are the key to a positive consideration subject's affairs. 

We offer you assistance in any cooperation with UTK, in particular in the area of creating correspondence related to e.g.applications, inquiries, responses to calls from the Office, and others - w dependence on the type of case. 

Particularly useful may also be assistance in preparing responses to inspection protocols and post-inspection statements, as clear and precise evidence of removing irregularities found in such letters can often determine the fate of enterprises in the rail market. 

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