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Image by Stefano Ciociola

Auditing principles training

SMS and MMS monitoring through the internal audit system is one of the most important processes carried out within their framework. Conducting a reliable and comprehensive audit is not an easy task. On the one hand, it requires perfect knowledge of the criteria defining a given system, and secondly a number of auditor's competencies that will allow for independent, correct and objective rating.

During the training, the principles of proper auditing of management systems will be discussed, the competencies that must be demonstrated by the auditor, or areas critical from the point of view of security, which should be subjected to auditing during the audit.special verification. 

The training conducted in the form of a theoretical and workshop will enable the conduct of audit exercises on the actual documentation of the trained entity. The skills and experience acquired in this way can be used to later conduct independent security audits.

Each training ends with the issuance of Certificates Internal Auditor, which certify the audit qualifications and allow to meet the SMS and MMS requirements for the relevant skills of auditors to be proven during audits conducted by Office of Rail Transport.

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