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Image by Stefano Ciociola

MMS training

Commission Regulation (EU) 779/2019 extended the obligation to certify Entities in Charge of Maintenance (ECM) also to entities covering the scope of maintenance of traction and passenger vehicles. The new requirements also apply to certified ECMs currently performing these functions, only for freight wagons. 

During the training, the requirements of the new regulations in accordance with the 4th railway package will be discussed. An example, new Maintenance Management System (MMS) documentation will be presented, differences between Commission Regulation (EU) 445/2011 and current requirements will also be indicated and described. The process of applying for an ECM certificate will be discussed along with the requirements that the future (or current) ECM must meet in order to try to meet the requirements for inclusion in the maintenance system for other types of vehicles. The training will also be useful for Entities in Charge of Maintenance already operating on the market, in order to familiarize themselves with the standards of other entities, the approach of the Office of Rail Transport to supervision over the above-mentioned systems, or clarification of doubts that may ariseappearing coming upimplementation processes as ECM. 

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