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Image by Stefano Ciociola

Risk assessment training

The risk management process is the most important out of allrealized as part of the Safety Management System (SMS) and Maintenance (MMS). Its proper conduct is crucial in order to keep the risk of the operations carried out at a level acceptable by the given entity. This process includes many stages, the correctness of which requires the Team of Experts conducting the assessment of the number competences and skills. However, its reliable implementation can have a real impact on the levelsafety , while enhancing its safety culture. 


During the training, the principles of proper hazard identification will be discussed, e.guse various methods used for this purpose, estimating and assessing the risk of identified hazards (using the most popular methods used in transport), and finally introducing measures to reduce the risk level of identified hazards.

The training includes a theoretical and practical part, during which the Team will perform the full risk management process. This means that the effect of the training, in addition to improving the competences of the people participating in it, will be a ready risk assessment that can be used in the implemented SMS and/or MMS. 

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